Frans Vermeulen is recognised throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority on materia medica. Each of the many books he has authored makes a contribution of major significance to our understanding of substances and materia medica. His lectures are inspiring and appreciated for their liveliness, depth of knowledge and breadth of factual information. Born in Den Helder, Holland, Frans taught at an elementary school from 1970to 1978. From 1976–1983 he pursued his homeopathic education, while beginning his own practice in 1979. At this time, he had begun to translate homeopathic books by masters such as Kent, Allen, Tyler, Vithoulkas, and others. In1985 he wrote Kindertypes in de Homoeopathie (Children types in Homeopathy), based on his experiences as both a teacher and a homeopath. In 1992 he wrote Synoptic Materia Medica I, providing a materia medica overview as well as a quick and compact reference. This was followed in 1994 by the Concordant Materia Medica, which was enlarged in 1997 to include Hering’s Guiding Symptoms. Synoptic Materia Medica II broke new ground by focusing on small remedies and the correlations between the sources of the homeopathic remedies and how they relate to the drug pictures. Furthering that theme, Prisma Materia Medica (2002) takes data from non-homeopathic sources as both reference material for the homeopathic materia medica and as the source of potential symptoms. Frans’ recent books include Kingdom Monera and Viruses(2005) followed by Kingdom Fungi (2007). He currently is working on other books, and lecturing worldwide.


Linda Johnston, MD, has been a active member of the homeopathic community worldwide since the inception of her homeopathic practice in 1986. After completing her medical training from the University of Washington in 1979, she had one further year in family medicine. She started her own private medical practice n 1981. Linda began her homeopathic training in 1986, and began practicing the same year. Linda’s main focus has always been her clinical practice of homeopathy, which she continues to this day. Contributing to the homeopathic community through writing and teaching are both important to Linda. From 199–1996, she developed and taught a two year homeopathy curriculum in 4 different US cities to train licensed medical practitioners. She is also a well-known teacher internationally. Author of numerous articles for homeopathy journals, Linda is also the author of the scholarly, Additions to the Homeopathic Repertory from Kent’s lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica, as well as a popular book for the general public, Everyday Miracles: Homeopathy in Action. Since her debut public lecture in 1987, she has made hundreds of radio, television appearances, in addition to print media interviews educating the public about homeopathy. She is active in her homeopathy medical practice and lecturing worldwide.